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Do you charge any fees? Can I read articles unlimited?

"YES. It's FREE OF COST. If we don´t have time we will message you on your mail. You can read them an unlimited amount of time. You can also check our youtube channel for more videos and life of people in Iceland''.

Can you suggest me good accommodation, flight, trips package, etc ?
''Yes, I will provide it with your plan.''

Can you guarantee Northern Lights during my tour?
No, it's not possible. It's a natural phenomenon. My advice would be to book when you land in Iceland instead of booking in advance. You can only see them in Winters and you need three things. 1. Dark and Clear Sky, 2. No Rain. and 3. Wind Optional (for extra effect)

What should I pack for my Iceland visit?
Summer: T-Shirt, Long Sleeved Shirt, Light Jacket, Swimsuit, Glasses, Hiking Boots, Hat, Waterproof Jacket and pant.
Winter: Thermal suits, pants, Winter Boots, Handwarmer, Socks, Wool Jacket, Sweater, Winter Gloves, Scarf, Hat, Ice Cleat and maybe buy Lopapeysa(Icelandic sweater) from Iceland as a souvenir.

What budget should I take for Iceland? (Single Person)
Avg. Daily Cost Avg. Weekly Cost Budget $ 100 $ 670 Mid-Range $ 220 $ 1500 Luxury $ 520 $ 3500 What is Money? $ 2000 $ 13500

What's the optimal number of days for a trip to Iceland?
Four days Tour- Famous Tourist Places in Iceland(Minimum) Seven days Tour- Enjoy and Visit Certain PART OF Iceland( Optimal) Twenty days Tour- Enjoy and Visit the Whole Iceland

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