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Forest Crafts Iceland

Forest Crafts Iceland

Subject: Forest Crafts I Handcraft

Forest crafts create interior design objects, light elements, ornaments and custom-made products integrating original visual designs and themes of the north.

  • How would you define Iceland in your words?

Iceland is a peaceful and beautiful place to live in.

  • What do you like about Iceland?

First Of All nature, beautiful waterfalls, peaceful meadows and powerful mountains. Secondly, we like, that living here feels easy, you don't have to stress all the time about your income, job, rent etc. you can enjoy the life that you are living.

  • One thing you would like to change in Iceland?

Less rain and wind would be nice.

  • Your favourite thing to carry in Iceland?

Winter jacket

  • One tip for tourists how can they save money in Iceland?

Research your trip well, there's a lot of tips and tricks on how to find the best places where to stay, eat and travel.

  • How is Icelandic society for foreigners who are planning to open a business?

Welcoming and supportive.

  • What problems do you face in your business? Do Chinese products affect your business?

Yes of course, because everything that comes from China is cheap, but things that are handmade, here in Iceland can be quite expensive, do to the material etc.

  • What difference you feel when you worked under someone, and now you run your own business?

From one side, you have the freedom to do things how you want to, when you want to etc., but on the other hand, you have to work harder, because you have to prove yourself and show your business from the best side.

  • What steps your business is taking in protecting the environment?

Recycling, trying to use natural materials.

  • One golden tip for any new business starting in Iceland.

            Have a good business plan and it's good to have a decent capital. 

  • What comes in your mind where you hear these words? One or two words only.

Icelandic cuisine: Lamb
Souvenirs to take back from home: our lamps
Elves: haven't seen yet
Vikings: Beard
Puffins: cute
Winter: is coming
Summer: Myth
Dream: big
Favourite sport: Running
Government: Corruption
Icelandic language: hard
Iceland future: Promising

We are Forest Crafts - a small upcoming business with a passion for creating design elements, ornaments and custom-made products. We love working with wood, but often use all kinds of materials in our designs. Our workshop is based in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland, but our roots are in Latvia.

Forest crafts took its first steps in 2017, after finding home in Ishus Hafnarfjordur. There we spent the first year building our CNC router, experimenting with it and daydreaming about possible future projects.

We started small, with wooden Christmas ornaments and carved pattern coasters, selling them in Christmas markets. The positive feedback from our customers inspired us to create more, so we finally decided to try and build up one of our bigger ideas. And now after some time and sweat, we can proudly present our very own set of animal design light objects.
It’s exhilarating to say, that this is just the beginning of our journey. We are ready to work hard and see where the future takes us.

Author: (Abhi Chauhan)
Date: 06/10/2019


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