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Glenn Moyle I Water Polo Coach Iceland

Glenn Moyle I Water Polo Coach Iceland

Subject: Interview with water polo coach Glenn Moyle

Player, Iceland coach of Armann Water Polo Club

Glenn Moyle, 43

1. What is your philosophy of coaching?
My philosophy in coaching is that you should enjoy working with your players as much as you want them to enjoy working with you….the relationship between coach and player should go both ways where both can learn from each other..a coach can always learn to be a better coach through his players and vice versa.

2. What is the most rewarding part of being a coach?
The most rewarding part of being a coach is to see the improvement in the team and individual players..also it is rewarding because we as well get to develop our coaching and people skills.

3. Explain Water polo in one sentence.
A game that rewards you both mentally and physically and gives you a full-body workout from head to toe.

4. What are the challenges you face with water polo in Iceland? If any, how do you feel you overcome those challenges?
The biggest challenge that we face in Iceland is that there are not enough players. We try to recruit people to the sport but people think that the sport is too hard so therefore they don’t join our team.

We are trying to grow the sport here and it is a challenge..but water polo is such a great sport and it gives so many benefits that I truly believe that it can grow in Iceland just like many other sports.

5. Explain how technology has changed water polo? How do yo you make sure that you are updated with it?
Water polo at the end of the day is quite simple..we need a pool, some goals, some caps and a ball and then we can play..so technology doesn’t really affect us here in Iceland. However, once you get to the bigger leagues then now they have goal-line technology and underwater cameras for the TV coverage..we are not quite there yet.

6.Your most significant achievement as a coach?
My most significant achievement as a coach is winning national titles here in Iceland...ok, we are only 2 teams here but both teams are always very equal and competitive with each other, so it’s always a real achievement to win the national title.

7. Your most successful team? Why?
Armann Water Polo Club here in Iceland...we have won many national titles in the last 10 years.

8. What’s your message to the kid's parents who are entering the sports?
My message to any kids parents who are entering any sports is to get to know the coach and make sure you trust that they are doing a good job to encourage the kids and to be positive towards them. The most important thing for the kids when entering sports is that they feel secure and that they have good role models to look up to. The kids should be having fun first and learning the game second.

9. Explain Iceland in your words? One thing you would like to change in Iceland.
If I could change one thing then, of course, it would be the weather...but Iceland is truly a magical place and has so many beautiful things going for it..the kids run free and the opportunities are grand. Iceland has a big community feel to it and you always feel secure and safe. The water and heating in iceland is one of the best things ...oh, and of course all the fantastic swimming pools!!

It can sometimes feel a little bit isolated but if you make a trip abroad once in a while this helps the mood a lot.

10. What comes to your mind after hearing this? ONE OR TWO WORDS ONLY.

Water polo needs: Iceland

Fairplay: respect, positivity

Pressure: bring it!!

Best water polo player: denes varga

Best team: my old Maranui team from New Zealand

Iceland Water Polo needs: players

2022 Water Polo Champion: Armann 

Best Coach: Peter Paul Metz

Retirement: not thinking about that!!

AB ICELAND Blog: new and fresh


Waterpolo in Iceland (200 words)

Waterpolo in Iceland was at its prime in the 1960s when there were 4 teams.now we are 2 competitive teams, and a third one is starting to grow. Hopefully, one day, there will be more.

Each year we have an international tournament here in Reykjavik, and the word around the water polo world is starting to spread that Iceland Waterpolo is beginning to move.

We have world-class facilities in Reykjavik, but we need more players.

Waterpolo is such a fun sport and gives us a tremendous physical challenge like all good sports should. Iceland competed in the Olympic games in Waterpolo in 1936.it was the first team sport that Iceland competed in the Olympic games. I hope that one day Iceland will again go to the Olympics in water polo

I love the sport of water polo, and I love to coach the players that we have at armann water polo. I also still play, and I love the energy I get from playing the game.i could never imagine not playing this sport..!!

Author: (Abhi Chauhan)
Date: 17/11/2019


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