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Next Destination Iceland: Everything You Need to Know

Next Destination Iceland: Everything You Need to Know

Subject: Why you should Visit Iceland?

Iceland is easily the "Land of Fire and Ice" and might be the top destination for tourists to travel in the world. Iceland is unique as they have their language, food, culture, etc. even for a small nation. Here are our team top 10 reasons why you should visit Iceland for your next vacation.

1.Peaceful nation 

Iceland is easily the most peaceful country in the world. We are holding this position for ten years in a row according to the 2018 Global Peace Index(GPI). Iceland has no army but a few armed police. 

Reykjavik Police has an Instagram account where you can found them in action by saving cats, eating hot dogs and many more. 

Our special tip: Download the 112 app as it helps our rescue team to know your location.

2.The Unspoiled beauty

Iceland is wild and still a lot of beauty to be seen in the country.

Don't distract your eyes t from the road as fantastic views in this country can lead to an accident. Iceland has an amazing natural beauty. Some of them are:

  • Snæfellsjökull National Park(Visit). 
  • Dynjandi Waterfall(Admire). 
  •  Hornstrandir Nature Reserve(Hiking). 
  • Tectonic Plates(Observe). 
  • Rauðasandur Beach(Spend time). 
  • Blue Lagoon(Swim). 
  • Viking World(Visit). 
  • Asbyrgi Canyon(Hike).
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3.Icelandic cuisine

The Icelandic diet contains mostly fish, dairy, lamb, and vegetables. Skyr, harðfiskur, flatkaka, hangikjöt, and kleina are eaten by Icelanders daily, as well as the traditional meals pylsa, kjötsúpa, plokkfiskur, grjónagrautur and lambalæri. 
Top 25 Food and drinks Made in Iceland


4.Midnight summer and Northern light Winter special

As Iceland is located at 66 degrees north just below the Article Circle; the summer nights are bright with full daylight from mid- May to end July. 

You can plan your day how you prefer to do it. Climbing Mount Esyja is one of the common activities by tourists and locals.

We go vice-versa in the Winter period from 24 hours of sunlight to almost darkness the whole day. It leads to northern lights from September to March and easily one of the most popular reasons to visit Iceland.

5.UNESCO sites

Iceland has three UNESCO(The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) locations. They are cultural and natural site in the country. A lot of people from all over the world come to visit them. These sites are:

(1)Þingvellir National Park (2004)

 (2)Surtsey (2008)

(3)Vatnajökull National Park - Dynamic Nature of Fire and Ice (2019)

6.Icelandic horse

The Icelandic horses are special as they have unique and natural gaits: the walk, the canter, the trot, the tölt, and the flying pace. Most of them are friendly, high spirited and always ready to pose for a picture. They have a crucial role in Icelandic history.  

Please don't feed them anything without consulting the owners as it can lead to death.

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7.Icelandic Birds

The national bird of Iceland is gyrfalcon. Bird photographers can get a treat to their eyes and camera at the same time. Puffins, kittiwakes and skuas nest on its sea cliffs are the most popular birds here. Keep your eye out for the King Eider, a most unique and rarely sighted bird. 

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8.Icelandic Culture

Icelandic culture started in the 12th century, which is rich and varied. Icelandic traditional arts include silversmithing, wood carving, and weaving. The capital center has various professional theatres, an opera a symphony orchestra, and a large number of art galleries, cinemas, museums, and bookstores. Iceland has one of the highest literacy rates in the world, and an affair of literature, chess, art, and other intellectual pursuits is widespread.

9.Land of Fire and Ice

Helicopter tours are perfect here. Iceland has 130 volcanic mountains active and extinct combined. You can always check if any active volcano is in action.
Glacier and Ice cave trekking

Iceland has incredible glaciers all over the country. The Sólheimajökull glacier has frozen water caves and crazy ice formations shapes. Grab your ice axe and explore them.

10.Icelandic Music

Icelanders are crazy about music. They travel from all over the world to a music festival for music. Here are the major music festivals with their time period:



Author: (Abhi Chauhan)
Date: 07/10/2019


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