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Interview with WOWair passenger I Harpa Jósefsdóttir Amin

Interview with WOWair passenger I Harpa Jósefsdóttir Amin

Subject: Harpa was one of the last passengers who took a flight with WOW Air before they went bankrupt. Let's find out how was WOW air for her and the experience of her last flight journey.

I was really excited when WOWair announced it was going to fly directly to India, so I booked tickets for me and my husband as soon as it was possible on the 15th of May 2018. We have been traveling to India since 1973 and had been there 2 years before this so we were not really going to go. We were also on the first direct flight from Iceland to Delhi in the year 2000 when the President of Iceland went on an official visit there. But this was a chartered flight and about 300 Icelanders came along to stay there for a week.

Harpa Jósefsdóttir Amin, worked at Glitnir, retired.

Flight date:12th of January 2019                                                Time:11,40

  • How would you define WOW Air in your words?

           It was an interesting airline which took over from another low-cost airline, Iceland Express.

  • What did you like about WOW Air?

The low cost and all the offers that they made regularly.

  • What were the main reasons for WOW Air collapse?

According to what I have read about it and particularly the book about the collapse, it was perhaps mainly that they were selling the seats too cheap and did not cover their costs. Another thing was that they wanted to become big and started flying long haul to the United States and then also India. The idea with the India flights was to catch the Indians traveling from the US to India and back.

  • Why did you decide to take a flight at that time?
    As I said before, I booked the flight 8 months in advance, so I had no idea Wow would go bankrupt. I also booked for our son on the same flight a few weeks before the flight when it was clear that WOW Air would not continue flying to India. I had heard that they would not use the big jets after January 20th, but was sure they would use smaller planes and land somewhere on the way back. Instead the flights back were cancelled and we had to book the return journey with other airlines.

  • How was the behavior of the staff on your last flight?

Most of the staff were Indians and they behaved just normally and I am not sure they knew they would not have a job for a very long time.

  • Describe a regular check-in process with WOW Air?

You would check-in online and then go for a bag drop, just like any other airline.

  • Three things you consider before taking a flight? 

I book a flight if I find the right price on the dates I want with a reliable airline.

            1.Respectable airline.

            2.Flying to my destination on my selected dates.

            3.The price has to be reasonable. If the price is not good, I may consider other dates or    

               another company.

  • What expectations do you have from PLAY?

I only saw something in the news about Play today and am looking forward to hearing some more and about where they will fly. It is NOT Wowair, but former employees from them that are forming this new airline. I will check their website as soon as this one is available since we are flying somewhere all the time.

  • One golden tip for upcoming airline PLAY who you like to give as a passenger.

            Keep the prices down as WOWair did and keep the same good spirit.


  • What comes in your mind where you hear these words? One or two words only.

Favorite coffee place: Kaffi París

Favorite Icelandic artist: Ingvar E. Sigurðsson

Favorite place in Iceland: Þingvellir
Favorite Icelandic airline: WOWair

WOW Air in one word: WOW

Favorite Icelandic food: Hangikjöt

Souvenir to take back home from Iceland: Sheepskin

PLAY airline future: Good luck

Icelandic language: Very difficult.

Iceland future: Hopefully bright.

AB Iceland: Entertaining

Author: (Abhi Chauhan)
Date: 07/11/2019


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