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Karl Dietrich Roth Karlsson: Icelandic Chef

Karl Dietrich Roth Karlsson: Icelandic Chef

Subject: Life in Iceland special with icelandic Chef Karl Dietrich Roth Karlsson

‘’I don’t cook to make people happy, but my food makes them happy somehow.’’

An accidental chef where his mother guided him to follow his passion. She set up a job interview at the restaurant, and the rest is history—currently, Chef at Seafood Grill. Seafood Grill is Iceland’s top fine dining restaurant. He has cooked for Alexander Ryback, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and the Foo Fighters. Art is in his blood naturally as his grandfather was one of the biggest painters in Icelandic history. 

A chef is the biggest artist in the world who needs to make sure all three senses (Visual, Taste, and Smell) of a guest are taken to their peak. Anything, if missing by a whisker, means the show is over.

Karl Dietrich Roth Karlsson,Chef

How do you define Iceland cuisine in your words?
Confusing sometimes. A lot of people and even chefs tend to misinterpret Nordic cuisine. It leads to people doing the same stuff.

Which cuisine excites you the most? 
Asian cuisine easily. I have a crush on Middle-East cuisine, especially their spices.

Can you improve Icelandic cuisine?
‘’Yes and No’’ at the same time. The food here is delicious but can sometimes be all over the place. It would be great if restaurants have better ways to go forward. It’s a hard job to have a restaurant in Iceland.

Your funniest incident while working in the kitchen?
Way too many, but this is my favorite by miles. I was working a few years back in a Sushi restaurant. One of the chefs came three hours late for the job and started saying that he will fix the sushi. The first thing he does is drop all the rinse rice on the floor, and we have to do it again. Afterward, he tried to help us with fish. He mixed the wrong herbs with the fish. After some time, he put vinegar on the boiled rice. At the last minute before the shift was going to start, he says, “Wait a minute, guys. I am still feeling sick, guys,” and he left.

Is there any chef you admire the most? Who and why?
International chef, Thomas Keller. He does amazing things, and everyone can learn a lot. He invented the foam sauce while drinking cappuccino with his friend. That shows his experience and talent for the job.

Icelandic Chef, Viktor Örn Andrésson. He is outstanding and persistent in my eyes. He is always trying to do something new. I have learned a lot from him.

What do you do to stay current on new trends? Describe two or three of the most exciting industry trends.
I don’t like following trends. I am a big believer in setting my own trends.
Recently, I made Chocolate Chicken and Candy Cinnamon Chicken. I am not afraid to cook something out of the box.

What do you love to cook, and why? 
I love cooking Cod and scallops. Very simple and a lot of variations can be created.

Your favorite dish and its recipe?
I can share the dish ingredients a little bit, but not the recipe here as it’s my secret.
Favorite Dish: Pickled duck breast
The dish is based with nauset, mango, ginger, chilly, shallot onions, and special spices. Finally, there is a touch of red beetroots that are cooked in syrup. It’s completely tenderloin and can be eaten with a fork only.

Explain in one or two words when you hear these words: 
Whale taste: Avoid it
Nightlife in Iceland: Tedious
Brennivin in food: Interesting
Icelandic People: Way too long
Best restaurant in Iceland: Dill
Best Late Night Food: My home deep-fried chicken
Icelandic dish not to try: Skata
Icelandic dish to try if you ever come to Iceland: Braud soup  
Iceland weather: Which one?
Favorite saying: Why try to be the best when someone is better than you?

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Author: (Abhi Chauhan)
Date: 12/06/2020


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