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Mjúk - The fashion house of Iceland

Mjúk - The fashion house of Iceland

Subject: Anna: Owner and Designer, Mjúk Iceland. Let's check her journey in Iceland.

Anna Morris, 32, is managing the family company in Iceland established by her mother, Nataly. Nataly and Anna’s father Nikolas manage the production process, while Anna is doing design, purchasing and financial management. She has also expanded the company’s production by adding an atelier, a small fashion house where they produce limited editions of clothing.  Work is her #1 passion, but she also loves gardening and cooking, and she does charity work relating to environment protection.

How would you define Iceland in your words?
It’s a safe, clean, geologically young land, where I met the love of my life.

What do you like about Iceland?
Iceland’s biggest treasure is its pure nature. I absolutely enjoy it. Water here is incredibly pure and tasty, and the air is very clean. 

One thing you would like to change in Iceland?
Life in Iceland is beautiful and I believe that we should protect the charm of Reykjavik and all other places from vandalism and untidiness. It hurts to see messy inscriptions on many buildings and littering. I would like to see outdoor security cameras and control over order. It will also prevent crimes. 

Your favorite thing to carry in Iceland?
Definitely a hat. Most of the time it is windy, and I am very sensitive to cold. That is also one of the reasons why I design beanies and hats. So, with my extensive collection of hats, I am a walking advertisement for Mjúk Iceland.

One thing that a lot of people don’t know about you?
I love cooking and participated in Masterchef - got into the top 20 amateur chefs and decided to leave in favor of a new project at work.

How is Icelandic society for foreigners who are planning to open a business?
In terms of procedures, starting a company in Iceland is quite easy. All resources are accessible online. If something is not clear, it is possible to get answers to additional questions via emails. As for daily operations, Icelanders as customers are not easy to win over at first, but they are rather loyal clients.

What problems do you face in your business?
I don’t like spending time focusing on problems. I rather focus on solutions.

What steps has your business taken against COVID?
We have 2 shops in downtown Reykjavik. In both of them all surfaces are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly, several times a day. We provide sanitizers to our customers and keep a safe social distance. 
During these unprecedented times, we also introduced unprecedented discounts. This is our way to thank our customers and we are very happy to see them again after the pandemic.

What steps has your business taken in protecting the environment?
We are a family business. Our family originates from the countryside, and we never lose our close connection to the land. When you grow things by yourself, you really value the resources and the nature that gives them to you. 
Efficient use of resources is our Rule #1. You can use our hats, blankets, capes and other products in many ways. They are versatile, customizable and long-lasting, so instead of  “overshopping” you buy quality things and use them for a long-time. Mjúk Iceland creates sustainable fashion.

One golden tip for any new business starting in Iceland?
Do not give up when you feel like everything is against you. Þetta reddast! (It will sort itself out in the end)

What comes into your mind when you hear these words? Few words only.

Icelandic wool: itchy and warm. There is a nice lime tone in it. 

One product to take back home from Mjúk:  a stylish soft hat - Mjúk Iceland hats are the softest and customizable. 

One thing you miss from HOME: numerous cultural events in Kiev. 

Vikings: Adventurous, strong, scary, but I love Viking patterns. 

Winter: Love the Northern lights. Very dark, but much warmer than Russian and Ukrainian winters. 

Summer: Very happy to have velvet blackout curtains

Dream: Countless dreams. One of them is to spend a few romantic months in Italy learning new things about fashion

Favorite sport: Ice-skating

Covid: Thank God, everyone in my family is healthy. The strangest period in our life. I hope it will finish soon and we will get back to normal life.

Your favorite saying in Icelandic: The eyes will not hide it if a woman loves a man. 

Iceland’s future: Iceland will become more diverse and open to new things. 

Mjúk: The Fashion House of Iceland

Mjúk Iceland is an Icelandic-Russian, family-owned and family-run company. Creating TASTEFUL things is our main feature. To keep our reputation, the search for improvement is practically non-stop. Our production equals our personal responsibility. We must meet our customers' high expectations with every single collection. 

Literally the whole family is involved in the business. We design, purchase materials, produce at several own facilities and sell at our 2 shops downtown Reykjavik plus through several boutiques around Iceland. 

We never stop and always create something new. What has never changed through 29 years is our stable quality. We are dedicated to combining genuine quality with modern trends. Mjúk Iceland is a sustainable fashion. Whether it’s a hat or a blanket, our regular customers know that it will last for very long time and keep its original look. We don’t believe in “fast fashion” where you pay for a short-term trend color, but there is no quality standing behind it, and next season you throw away that piece. 

Mjúk Iceland collections reflect Scandinavian style, but with our recognizable twist we use extra soft textures and have a wider range of colors than other Icelandic or Scandinavian brands. We offer unisex styles, as well as quite feminine and defined masculine product lines. 

Currently we offer unprecedented discounts on all our products. We are together with our customers in these challenging times and do everything we can to show our appreciation for your purchases. 

2 shops: Laugavegur 23 and Skólavörðustígur 8

Anna Morris- The fashion house of Iceland

Author: (Abhi Chauhan)
Date: 04/07/2020


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