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Northwestern Special: Everything You Need to Know

Northwestern Special: Everything You Need to Know

Subject: Planning to visit Northwestern Iceland on the upcoming trip for Iceland. Check our special blog for the places to visit and the best restaurant in Northwestern Iceland.

Northwestern Region is an Icelandic region marked by various inland, coastal and off-coast attractions. Sauðárkrókur is the biggest town in this region with a small population of only around 3000 people. The Northwestern Region is bordered by Westfjords and the Western Region to its west, the scenic Northeastern Region to its east and the Southern Region to its south. The region has an extensive coastline to its north, known for dramatic rocky landscapes, beaches, and colonies of seals. The Northwestern Region is the best place for travelers who want to see several types of seals. The coastal areas of this region are home to puffins and several other species of seabirds.

The Northwestern Region has yet to reach the levels of popularity and recognition that several other Icelandic regions enjoy. But it offers a great selection of natural sights and sounds that you can enjoy during your Iceland visit. Some of the key natural features of the Northwestern Region include waterfalls, canyons, cliffs, mountains, lakes, fjords, geothermal pools, mesas, and interesting rock formations. This region also offers attractions like rural farms, museums and hiking trails to give you a wholesome tourism experience. You will discover that the landscapes of the Northwestern Region are gentler and more accessible than several other Icelandic regions. Horse riding tour options are also available here.


The main places to visit in Northwestern Iceland are -


The Hvítserkur rock is a 15-meter tall basaltic rock formation rising from the Húnaflói Bay. It has a unique shape that looks incredible from up close and is often referred to as the Troll of Northwest Iceland. Traveling to the eastern Vatnsnes Peninsula shore is the best way to view this iconic rock structure. This popular tourist destination should not be missed if you are taking a trip to the Northwestern Region of Iceland. You can get some incredible photographs at Hvítserkur at all times of the day. Many photography enthusiasts prefer to click the rock with the backdrop of the Northern Lights, as the reflections on the water creates an interesting contrast with it. According to Icelandic folklore, the Hvítserkur rock was once a troll who threatened to destroy Þingeyraklaustur. 


Drangey Island
Drangey Island is one of the most important off-coast attractions in the Northwestern Region of Iceland. It is a mesa of tuff rock located in the Skagafjörður fjord, and the remnant of a once-powerful volcano. The rock is the only thing that remains after the death of this volcano approximately 700 thousand years ago. Today, Drangey Island is a top tourist location due to its rugged but scenic locales. Many tourists come to explore the rich flora and fauna of the island. Drangey Island is the nesting place for a great variety of bird species including puffins, ravens, and falcons. You can easily find several tour options for exploring Drangey Island during your visit to Northwestern Iceland.

Kolugljúfur is a gorge situated in the Northwestern Region of Iceland and the location of the famous Kolufossar Falls. You will come across a series of waterfalls originating from the Víðidalsá river and dropping into the Kolugljúfur canyon. The falls get their name from the Icelandic giantess named Kola, who was rumored to live in the area. If you are planning a trip to the Northeastern Region of Iceland, Kolugljúfur cannot be missed. This is yet another place where you can click some amazing photographs. The rocky walls of the canyon create a dramatic setting through which the falls cascade down into the narrow surface below. The legend associated with Kola also adds to the appeal of this attraction.

Hvammstangi is the place to be if you want to get close to large colonies of seals settled on the coastline. This coastal village is situated in the Vatnsnes Peninsula, at a short distance from the Ring Road. Hvammstangi is widely considered by many as one of the best places to see many varieties of seals in Iceland. It is the location of the famous Icelandic Seal Centre where visitors can learn a great deal about seal species. You should also visit the Bardúsa museum situated to glance at various examples of handcrafted items and crafts. The town has many attractions worth exploring but the main attraction has to be the seal colonies. You can easily spend a day or two seal watching and going around the surrounding attractions.

Þingeyrarkirkja is the very first stone church of Iceland and one of the most amazing churches in the country. Situated in Þingeyrar by the Húnafjörður bay, the church dates back to 1877. The stone exteriors give off a decadent appearance but the interiors are also quite stunning. It is believed that the church took at least 13 years to build. Today, it is one of the most iconic buildings in all of Iceland and an attraction you should not miss. Once you are done exploring the church, go around exploring the history of Þingeyrar. This is the location of the very first Icelandic monastery that dates back to 1133.

Grettislaug geothermal pool
Grettislaug is a geothermal pool situated at Reykir in Northwestern Iceland. Created with natural stones, the pool is one of the most famous bathing locations in the region. Grettislaug gets its name from Grettir the Strong, who is the main character of the Grettis Saga. According to the story, Grettir used to reside on Dragney Island, from where he came to this pool to seek warmth in its waters. You can visit this pool if you are interested in a refreshing warm bath in the company of loved ones. The Grettislaug geothermal pool’s waters have a temperature of about 39 degrees Celsius, making it the ideal place for a dip. You can also explore the scenic surrounding areas of the pool.

Siglufjörður is the northernmost town of Iceland and a historically renowned fishing hub of the country. It is an astoundingly beautiful location offering a great number of recreational activity options. The town also has a rich culture that is at display in its various museums, workshops, and churches. Some of the activities you can enjoy include hiking, skiing, and swimming in the ocean. Siglufjörður is one of the highlights of any trip to the Northwestern Region of Iceland. 





Author: (Abhi Chauhan)
Date: 02/12/2019