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Regions of Iceland: Everything You Need to Know

Regions of Iceland: Everything You Need to Know

Subject: Guide book for every tourist travelling to Iceland.


Iceland has a lot to offer in terms of places to see and things to do. From the north to south, and from the Westfjords to the east, every corner of Iceland offers a treasure trove of wonders to explore. There is so much to explore and so many adventures to have on your Iceland visit.

The country of Iceland is divided into eight different regions for the convenience of tourists. Such an imaginary division gives tourists a better idea of how to plan their tours within the limited time they have. This is because if you wanted to explore every corner of Iceland thoroughly, it can take more than a month to do so.

The eight regions of Iceland are - Capital Region, Westfjords, Western Region, Northwest, Southern Peninsula, South, East and Northeast. Take a look at the information given below to understand what each region has to offer for tourists.

All the regions of Iceland offer amazing options for tourists, backpackers, adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. From the unbelievable rocky landscapes to the volcanic beaches and craters, to the majestic waterfalls and glaciers, it is hard to run out of options. Plan your trip with the help of reliable tour companies and have the time of your life.

Author: (Abhi Chauhan)
Date: 07/11/2019


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