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Sustainable Tourism in Iceland:Everything You Need to Know

Sustainable Tourism in Iceland:Everything You Need to Know

Subject: Sustainable Tourism in Iceland

Sustainable tourism involves visiting a country as a tourist and trying to make a positive impact on the environment, economy, and society. It can be related to travel for business, leisure and visiting friends/relatives. Increased tourism in Iceland has been both a blessing and a curse. As a small nation dealing with a huge increase in the tourism industry, Iceland's news has been populated with stories of tourists getting into hot water recently. In Iceland, you are one second away from making a situation go from bad to worse, for yourself and the environment. Travelling opens up great opportunities to explore and experience diverse cultures, traditions, cuisines, and people. But traveling is not only about having fun and making memories. It is also about representing your homeland and leaving a good impression on the locals of the country that you are visiting.

Here are a few tips on how you can help to make a positive impact in the country.

1. A2B

Avoid Airbnb as it has damaging impacts on local quality of life; it has made it almost impossible for young people to move away from parents due to rising house prices and rents. Most of the properties are not officially registered and operating illegally in the country.

2. Say "Cheese"

Iceland is a wild country where life is on the edge. In the 21st century, a "SELFIE" sometimes is cool but can make you a fool in just a few seconds. A lot of people have landed in hot water, and some cases have suffered severe injuries, and the unlucky ones a fatal death. Please make sure that you should inform someone about your trip into the wild, and it’s better still to go in a group.

3. Be a superhero

Buy local food and souvenirs from the shops. Please remember that small business are hard to run in Iceland. You can buy clothes from here and have a long-lasting memory of Iceland.

4. Next Picasso in Iceland?

If you are visiting sculptures, ruins or caves, make sure not to spit or scribble on the walls. You must not deface structures, even if you see others doing it. 

5. Q for

Look for Icelandic companies which have a certificate from Qualmark. They provide certificates for environment-friendly business and products. 

6. F Brothers(Flora and Fauna)

Drive on the road and path, and the same goes for hikers. A lot of vegetation is destroyed every year. Respect the animals as most of them in the countryside are roaming on the road as well.

7. Litter doesn't glitter

Under no circumstances should you litter. Throwing trash is one of the most prominent signs of disrespect. If you fail to find a dustbin nearby, keep the dumpster with yourself until you find a disposal place. Even throwing coins is considered litter. We don't have a magic fairy who will turn up for your wish. Recycle as much as you can and do not litter anywhere.

8.Sleeping under the stars

Camping in residential properties has been a big issue in the country. Please make sure that you don't do this while staying in Iceland. There are camping facilities in most towns and villages. The necessary facilities are all there: bathrooms, showers and cooking facilities.

9. Small but mighty

Carry a water bottle along with you all the time. Water is free and tastes good. Reduce your carbon footprint by walking, cycling or using public transport.

10.Dream Hotel

Avoid turndown service in the hotel if you are staying at the place only for two days. Try to stay in small, family-run hotels in the countryside for a few days as well.

If you need any help with the local area, please do not hesitate to message our team, and we would love to help you find suitable places to stay and visit.

Author: (Abhi Chauhan)
Date: 24/10/2019


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