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Sylvia Hilmarsdottir I STAFF MANAGER

Sylvia Hilmarsdottir I STAFF MANAGER

Subject: Life in Iceland special with restaurant staff manager Sylvia Hilmarsdottir

A girl from Hafnarfjörður that has been working as a staff manager for Restaurant Reykjavík, Grillhúsið and Geysir Bistro for almost two years now. Studied sociology at the University of Iceland. Loves a bit too much good food, travelling and goldfishes. Dreams about better weather here in Iceland and is obsessed with the Icelandic Christmas traditions. Would start with Christmas decorations in October or earlier if it wasn’t frowned upon.

Sylvia Hilmarsdottir, Staff Manager

  • How would you define Iceland in your words?
    One of the best places in the world to live in. It is relatively safe and ranks number one when it comes to gender equality.

  • What do you like about Iceland?
    The people.

  • One thing you would like to change in Iceland?
    The weather. I wish we’d have longer and warmer summers and shorter winters.

  • How would you describe your journey from working as a restaurant supervisor to human resource leader?
    Working in front of the house is physically challenging but working as a human resource manager is more mentally demanding. I did not realize how much work out I needed once I stopped as waiter, especially since I have such a sweet tooth.

  • What three points you keep in mind before hiring a person?
    Qualification, ambition and the person must be a team player.

  • Describe an ideal workplace for you.
    A place where every employer feels valued, everyone can cooperate together and respect each other.

  • As an HR manager, you need to be a good listener. Any funny story you would like to share?
    Once I had a girl come in for an interview.  We were hiring waitresses for our Christmas buffet. She told me she did not want to work as a waitress but as a makeup artist. She did not understand why we didn‘t need a makeup artist working at the restaurant. 

  • What steps your restaurant is taking in protecting the environment?
    We try not to waste food, recycle and use less plastic.

  • What do you like least about the world of human resources?
    Having to fire people.

  • One golden tip for any person starting as an HR manager in Iceland.
    It feels extremely challenging at the beginning but it gets easier with the more experience you gain.


  • What comes into your mind when you hear these words? One or two words only.

Best hotel: Grand Guesthouse Garðakot.

Best restaurant: Restaurant Reykjavík, Grillhúsið and Geysir bistro

Best bar: Micro Bar.

Best place to visit(Iceland): The south.

Elves: Folk tales.

Vikings:  The Viking Village.

Puffins: Cute.

Next holiday: Budapest.

Dream destination: The Maldives.

Favourite Icelandic brand:  Valdimar.

Icelandic language: Difficult. Iceland future:  Bright.

Author: (Abhi Chauhan)
Date: 30/10/2019


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