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Photographer life in Iceland

Photographer life in Iceland

Subject: Interview with Professional photographer in Iceland

''Photographer from Odessa, Ukraine, came here nine years ago with my family and studied graphic design in Florence Italy.''

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Victoria Soloviova (VICPHOTORIA), 27, Photographer

  • How would you define Iceland in your words?

            Cold and depressing, but incredible in terms of nature and beauty.

  • What do you like about Iceland?

            The purity of nature.

  • One thing you would like to change in Iceland?


  • Was there any picture or person that persuaded you to take photography as a profession? 

Ryan Mcginley was my inspiration for a long time. I saw his photo somewhere on social media, and I saved it on my phone for the background, without knowing whose work it was. After some time, I saved another photo and figured out that it is the same photographer, so I researched more about him, and he was then an artist I could aspire to become one day.

  • How would you describe your journey as a photographer? Did you do any course before starting photography?

I always felt an interest in photography and used the gear that I could get hold of. At first I could not afford to buy a camera when I came to Iceland, but then I got my first Nikon D90. Still, after a while, I felt like it was not giving me the results I was expecting, so now I use a Canon 7D Mark2. It does an excellent job. It feels like there will always be some better/newer camera or lens to buy; it is a black hole of spending for the photographer. I also studied photography and graphic design in Italy.

  • What kind of gear do you use? 

I am a Canon person, so using a Canon 7D mark2 for now. It does the job, but of course in the future I aim for the Canon 5D Mark4. There is no favorite lens. I have different lenses: wide-angle, portrait, zoom, and each does its job, though I would prefer to use mostly Prime lenses, as they give you the sharpest shot and the best quality.

  • One picture = 1,000 words? How would you describe it?

Minimalistic photos, the less you see, the more it makes people think and imagine.

  • What would you like to say to people who don’t give due credit to photographers.

          Do it yourself, and you will see the difference. Nowadays almost everyone has the possibility to get a good camera, so most of the people think they can name themselves as a photographer. People don't realise how much time was spent in getting the shot right, and how much practice it took to get where I am and will take much more to get to where I want to be.

  •  Any golden tip for any new person who wants to be a photographer?
    Practice, practice, practice. Practice makes you perfect.

  • What comes into your mind when you hear these words? One or two words only.

One photographer you follow: Ryan Mcginley

Any specific genre you love to click: Nature

Favorite camera: Canon 7D Mark2

Favourite country to shoot pictures: Iceland

Souvenirs to take back from home: Liquorice

Software you use to edit your photos: Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Best restaurant: Tapas Barinn

Best coffee place: On the rooftop of my house, but otherwise Te og Kaffi

One must place to visit in Iceland: Westman Islands   

Icelandic language: fun

Iceland future: international

Photography in Iceland

Northern lights camera setting

  • Aperture – full open

  • Shutter Speed –15 seconds or more

  • ISO – as low as possible

  • White Balance – auto

  • Focus – Manual

  • Image Format – RAW

The most difficult thing in Iceland is the weather and sunlight. Most of the photoshoots are done depending on the weather forecast. I check it first, and then we arrange the date and time of the photo session. I guess photographers in Spain don't even have to think about this. For photography, I prefer winter more, because you have a perfect golden hour, even though the day is only 4 hours long. The summer is, of course, beautiful in terms of colours, lupins blossom and the possibility of travelling 24/7, but often the sunlight is too bright, so the landscape doesn't have that magical structure as with the winter sun.

The landscape of Iceland is gorgeous, which makes it the photographer’s paradise. I would recommend it to all photographers. I am sure that most of them have been here already, but with my experience, I can say that there are never enough of shots of Iceland. You need to come more and more and more.

I say all Iceland is indescribable and beautiful for photography. The same with the time of the day or year, there is always a good time to click. The same place can be shown in such different ways depending on the weather, time of the year or the day.

Author: (Abhi Chauhan)
Date: 17/11/2019


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