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Westfjords Special: Everything You Need to Know

Westfjords Special: Everything You Need to Know

Subject: Planning to Westfjords in the upcoming trip for Iceland. Check our special blog for the places to visit and the best restaurant in Westfjords.


Westfjords in the northwestern part of Iceland is where nature comes alive in a wide variety of colors. This peninsula, also an administrative district of Iceland, is connected to the rest of Iceland via a 7 km wide isthmus between Bitrufjörður and Gilsfjörður. The villages and towns in this Icelandic region include - Ísafjörður, Reykholar, Hólmavík, Patreksfjörður, Bolungarvík, Drangsnes, Bíldudalur, Hnífsdalur, Þingeyri, Norðurfjörður, Djúpavík, and Flateyri. Ísafjörður is the capital of Westfjords and the major connecting hub to the rest of the country.

Westfjords is a region that can be difficult to access by land due to weather and road conditions. But once you get there, it is evident why the region is integral to Iceland tourism. Westfjords are very mountainous and have quite rugged coastal areas with many fjords, cliffs, and hills. The world-famous Látrabjarg bird cliffs are the westernmost part of the Westfjords. Many tourists consider the Westfjords as the most scenic region in Iceland. If you are interested to see the pristine and untouched beauty of Icelandic nature, take a trip to Westfjords during your Iceland visit. It can help you create fantastic memories in the company of your loved ones.

The Westfjords region is very sparsely populated and its economy is dependent largely on fishing. Much of the natural vegetation in these highlands remain intact due to the absence of large human populations. Hence, the region is a haven for wild flora and fauna, who are all protected by national laws. Visiting Westfjords during the summer can be the best option as you can witness nature in full bloom. Some of the most appealing factors that bring people to this region include arctic foxes, puffins, and razorbills, seals, mountains and fjords. Exploring the entirety of Westfjords can take you several days or even a week. This is a place in Iceland you will not want to leave. 


The top places that tourists can visit in Westfjords include -

Bolafjall - Bolafjall mountain is situated near the Bolungarvík town, and one must travel northwest of Ísafjörður to reach it. The mountain cuts a towering figure over Bolungarvík, which is a quiet fishing village. Tourists and adventure seekers can hike to the top of the Bolafjall mountain during the summer, with the starting point of the trip being at Bolungarvik. Once you are the top of Bolafjall, look around to see the astounding views of the surrounding mountains, seas, and fjords. Some even say that the coast of Greenland can be seen from the mountain peak when the weather is clear.

Latrabjarg - The Latrabjarg cliffs of Westfjords are one of the most beautiful areas in the region. It is a location that you must travel to during your visit to the western parts of Iceland. The series of cliffs in Latrabjarg stretch for an amazing 14 kilometers and stand tall at a length of 440 meters above sea level. If you have a burning passion for bird watching, this is the best place to be, perhaps anywhere in the world. These cliffs are home to the largest colony of razorbill birds on the globe and amazing for getting close to the puffins. Many other sea birds flock to the scenic cliffs jutting out from the coastline. Latrabjarg is also the westernmost point of Iceland.

Dynjandi - Dynjandi is a massive waterfall situated in the Westfjords of Iceland and a key tourist attraction. It is the largest waterfall of the region and is considered by many as the ‘jewel of the Westfjords’. You will be amazed by the size and intensity of the waterfall right from the moment you arrive at its base. A steep climb is required to get to the upper reaches of Dynjandi, but the effort is worth the amazing views you will get. The fall height is a staggering 100 meters, and 200 meters if you consider the waterfalls below it. To enjoy the unforgettable views of Dynjandi, you can climb into one of the several observation decks by the fall.

Drangajökull - Drangajökull is the only glacier situated in the Westfjords region and the northernmost glacier of Iceland. It has an elevation of more than 900 meters and covers a huge span of area. Drangajökull is the only Icelandic glacier not to have shrunk in recent times. Its location is to the south of HornStrandir and the north of Strandir. You need to take a trip starting from Ísafjörður to reach the glacier. A tour can take you to the Hrolleifsborg peak, which is one of the most important points of the glacier. Once you reach this point, you will be able to witness simply breathtaking views of the Westfjords. The Kaldalón fjord is a great place to observe the stunning beauty of the Drangajökull glacier.

Hornstrandir - Hornstrandir is a peninsula situated on the northern fringes of the Westfjords region. It is home to Hornstrandir Nature Reserve which is a vast expanse of unperturbed natural land. The Hornstrandir peninsula consists of flower fields, tundra, fjords, and ice-covered areas. It is a place where plant and animal life keeps prospering without any threat from human settlement. Hornstrandir’s astounding beauty cannot be explained by words as you have to be there to truly appreciate it. The area is a favorite for hikers, and nature lovers, and has the iconic Hornbjarg cliff as its main attraction.

Rauðisandur - Rauðisandur is the most famous beach of the Westfjords region, popular for its red and golden sands. It is located in the Latrabjarg area and surrounded by picturesque cliffs and grasslands. Rauðisandur beach is one of the best places to enjoy complete relaxation during your Iceland trip. The beach is quite popular as a tourist hotspot in the Westfjords of Iceland. You will come across a great variety of birds and seals on your trip to Rauðisandur. This is the place where you can unwind fully and leave all your worries behind.

The Westfjords region in northwestern Iceland will not disappoint those who are looking for stunning natural views, and the perfect blend of adventure and leisure. You can explore the high bird cliffs, dramatic fjords, high mountains, waterfalls, beaches, and an ice-covered glacier. Westfjords gives you the opportunity to click thousands of amazing photos as it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. If you are traveling to the Westfjords planning ahead is crucial, since everything depends on the weather conditions and a range of natural factors.


Author: (Abhi Chauhan)
Date: 02/12/2019